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FAQ for Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

FAQ for Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

Counselor and happy african american couple after successful marital therapy in Houston at Unload it Therapy. Working with LGTBQ+ and polyamorous couples. Utilizing EFT Therapy. Online Therapy is available in Texas and Georgia. Roma Williams works with couples utilizing Emotionally focused therapy, and individuals, as well as those struggling with anxiety

Does insurance cover marriage counseling?

Here at Unload It Therapy, we have covered this in another blog post. However, the short answer is, it depends. Most insurances will allow the identified patient to bring their family into session to help with their diagnosis (i.e., anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) Usually, insurance does not cover couples counseling without the carrier being diagnosed.

Is marriage counseling worth it?

We think so, but that is something that you have to consider. Couples or marriage counseling is a lot of work, both inside and outside of the session. If you and your partner are willing to do that work, then it can be gratifying.

When to stop marriage counseling

Most therapists work on a specific therapy model. I use emotionally focused therapy. With this model, therapy is considered complete once the couple can achieve certain things, such as creating new solutions to old problems and working towards the future. Therapy is often no a linear path, thus making completion different per couple. With EFT treatment typically runs (10-20) sessions.

Trying to save a relationship at Unload it Therapy in Houston using emotionally focused couples therapy. Working with a black therapist for couples counseling in Houston or online in Texas and Georgia. We work with LGBTQ+ couples as well as polyamorous couples

How does couples therapy  work?

This can differ per therapist. With EFT therapy, the assessment is four sessions, including two conjoint and two individual sessions. The assessment is done this way to allow the therapist to build alignment with the couple. Also, the assessment helps to give the therapist a sense of the attachment injuries that occur in the relationship, with input from the couple separately and together. Often in couples therapy, you will hear about a no secrets policy. Such a policy can differ for each therapist. The point of a policy such as this is for the therapist to align with the client (who is the couple) and keep therapy a safe space. 

What does marriage counseling do?

Counseling will give you and your partner the space to experience one another in new ways. Couples therapists strive to create a safe space for both partners to be heard and supported. Having a safe space to be able to share feelings and experiences is crucial when trying to make changes in your marriage and re-creating connections and bonds. 

Happy afro Latino couple working in couples therapy at Unload it Therapy in Houston, TX and online in Texas and Georgia. Using Emotionally focused therapy, working with a black therapist in marriage and couples counseling

Can therapy save my marriage?

According to the APA, EFT is 75% effective at healing attachment injuries and deepening connections. EFT also helps couples to understand their patterns or cycles to shift or interrupt them.

Why does it not work?

With emotionally focused therapy or EFT, it is not recommended for couples engaged in active intimate partner violence to participate. Likewise, this may not be the best treatment if there are unacknowledged or untreated addiction and ongoing affairs. Another barrier to EFT for couples is if one member does not want to do therapy. 

Can you do couples therapy alone?

No, unless you are in the assessment phase of EFT. Emotionally focused therapy does work well for individuals as well as it does for couples and families. However, progress in your relationship will be harder to make in individual treatment. We do have services for individuals who are wanting to work on relationships of all kinds. 

These are some of the most asked questions related to couples and marriage counseling. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

About the Author

Roma Williams is a Houston based licensed marriage and family therapist, who is also licensed in the state of Georgia. Her specialities and clinical interests are relationships. Roma enjoys working with couples, including LGBTQ+ and those who live in polyamorous relationships. As a African American woman, Roma has donated time and efforts to causes championing black women and mental health. Roma also enjoys working with individuals on their relationships with self and others. Being a California native, and moving to the south in her adult years, Roma has had a great deal of experiences that have shape her cultural development both professionally and personally. In her spare time, Roma enjoys fashion, fun, and traveling. 

If you are in Houston or in any part of Texas or Georgia and are ready to work with Roma click here. 


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