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Discernment Counseling in Houston

Discernment Counseling in Houston

You find yourself at a crossroads in your Marriage or Relationship

Going through difficult times in our relationships can be gut-wrenching. What is even more heartbreaking is that we constantly do not know what to do about it. Thankfully, you have access to professionals who has the skillset to help you both figure out what is best for your to do in your marriage.

When you entered your relationship, it was more than likely not to have an issue and struggle to communicate and ultimately get along. You did not foresee problems with intimacy and parenting when you decided that this was your person. These things and more are addressed in Discernment Counseling in Houston, TX.


 Discernment Therapy can Help you Figure out What is Next 


To be in love with someone will have its challenges. In this country, the rate of divorce is high, and for certain groups, the amount of marriages is low. Discernment Counseling in Houston, TX, can help you and your partner figure out the next action course. In discernment counseling, there are only three outcomes that a couple can decide to do, so you will know where you stand once you complete it

Who can benefit from Discernment Counseling 


We offer several services for our couple and family populations. However, Discernment counseling is very distinctive. Discernment counseling in Houston, TX, is for couples with severe issues in their marriage or long-term relationship that has caused breaking up to be a real possibility. If you or your partner is unsure if they want to keep the relationship going, that is also a good indicator that counseling is for you.


Our Therapists Can Help


Discernment counseling is a specialty service offered to couples on the brink of divorce or breaking up but are generally unsure what to do. Our discernment counselor has been trained on this process and is on track to become certified in the treatment. In sessions, the therapist will cultivate a safe environment to explore your thoughts and feelings fully. The goal is to walk away with an understanding of what would work best for your relationship or marriage.


Our Approach to Discernment Counseling 


Discernment Counseling in Houston, Tx, consists of up to five sessions, however, the couple does not have complete all five sessions to make a decision. Their first session will be two hours long, and each subsequent session (if needed) is 90 minutes. The couple will only commit to one session at a time.


The three outcomes of Discernment counseling are:

  1. Status Quo or Keeping things the same
  2. Commit to couples therapy for six months
  3. Divorce or Separate.


At Unload Therapy in Houston, TX, we have worked with many couples with the mindset that every unit is different. Thus, we take an individualized approach to couples that we work with. We understand that couples face many moving parts in the relationship that seem to be all happening at once. With discernment counseling in Houston, TX, you will have the conversations that you need with a skilled professional to decide what is the next best thing for your relationship.


Online Discernment Counseling


Discernment counseling is available to anyone residing in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and California. Online discernment counseling may be for you if you do not live in the Houston, Tx area. Or you may reside in Houston but find it time-consuming to make it into the office. Online therapy has as much effectiveness as in-person sessions, and our therapists are trained to work with couples online.

Whether you are in Dallas, El Paso, or anywhere in Texas, Online discernment counseling can still work with you. In addition to Texas, we work with couples in California, Florida, and Georgia through our secure video platform.


Work with a Black couples therapist.

While being inclusive in our practice, it is important to note that we have black couples therapist at Unload it Therapy in Houston, TX. Our therapist is highly trained and skilled, with cultural sensitivity that is heightened by being a person of color. We want you to know that you can get the support and skillset that you need in order to navigate your relationships with someone who may understand your needs on a cultural level. Being black is not a monolithic experience, which is something that we pride ourselves on here at Unload it Therapy. We have black female couples therapist in Houston and online in Texas, Georgia, California, and Florida


Begin Discernment in Houston, TX 


You don’t have to continue to be uncertain about the right direction to go in your relationship. Our Houston, TX therapy practice has caring therapists who specialize in Discernment Counseling. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:


  1. Contact Unload It Therapy 
  2. Meet with our passionate therapist
  3. Start working towards a new understanding in your relationship

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