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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy in Houston, TX

Couple who is newly married after having couples therapy at unload it therapy. Marriage counseling with us is effective and will allow you to connect with your partner. Work with a black or african american therapist and get your relationship back on track

Do You Feel That Your Partner or Spouse is No Longer Connected To You?

  • Have you felt that you are the only one working to keep the relationship or marriage together?
  • Do you fight all the time with your partner?
  • Has your relationship or marriage suffered because the sex and intimacy have dwindled to nothing?
  • Has life events such as having a child or changes in work hindered your ability to connect?

It can be the scariest thing in the world to feel that the most important person to you is slowly slipping away. It’s as if you are watching a horror film, and you and your partner are the stars!

When life happens, the dynamic of your relationship or marriage can suffer. As you grow and change, you hope the union will too, and despite your best efforts, it has not. This change can lead to constant miscommunication. These conflicts end with one of you demanding to be heard while the other of you shut down. These issues start to weigh on your relationship, leaving you to feel like this relationship or marriage is no longer working. When thoughts such as these come up, you may begin to feel helpless; there is no way you signed up for this kind of torment! You may think that you need them to understand you or be open to communicating with you. Over time you may start to feel stuck as you are just going through the motions or walking on eggshells to keep your spouse or partner calm.

Most Couples in Long Term Relationships Will Face Adversities

Many couples face situations where they do not feel love and supported by their spouse the way they once did. Life deals its fair share of challenges, and most are unavoidable. The longer we live, we will all have to face times when we aren’t happy and face loss. Changes that trigger an individual’s inability to cope in times of difficulty can affect the relationship. For instance, the death of a loved one, physical and mental health challenges, the birth of a child, or the challenge to conceive will trigger a change in the relationship. These stressors that can cause anxiety and depression can lead to issues with communication and constant disagreements.

For many couples going through challenges, it can become easy to shut out your support system and each other. Not having those fun and intimate moments that you crave can make you feel disconnected from the person you love most, making you feel that you are now just roommates with someone you love deeply. Over time, this chasm in the relationship can continue to grow, making other things and people in your life priority over your marriage. As a result, the distance continues to grow, and one or both of you will feel neglected, which can lead to separation or divorce.

The good news is that with the help of an experienced and empathetic couples therapist, you can get back to feeling connected and happy in your relationship.

Photo of Couple who attended marriage counseling at unload it therapy with Roma Williams using EFT to become more connected. Couples therapy at Unload it therapy is effective and for couples to get back on track with one another and find the connected that they are looking for

Couples Therapy Can Help You to Build the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted

All couples will go through obstacles, and the Marriage and Family Therapist at Unload it Therapy have knowledge and experience of the issues that couples face both personally and professionally. We are not therapists who decide to work with couples; we are couples therapists with extensive training and experience. At Unload It Therapy, we will combine that experience with a positive collaborative approach using an effective heavily researched therapy model called EFT or emotionally focused Therapy. It does not matter if the issue has just started to come up in the last two months or 20 years; couples therapy can help you learn how to connect and heal your relationship.

In our couples therapy sessions, we will address the relationship as the couple experiences it and each individual’s experience in and out of the relationship in or to get a well-rounded and in-depth scope of who you are and what you need. When working with a couples therapist who spends the time going into depth of your needs and your partner’s need, who also works to balance the two out, it can become easier to understand and work through to the core of the concerns. We use a collaborative-based focus to help you identify the goals that you have for your relationship.

You may feel that you and your spouse or partner are no longer connected, that you are growing apart. But, to be honest, neither of you are the same. With each challenge and life experience you face, how you think and behave tends to change over time. Couples therapy or Marriage counseling with Unload It Therapy can help you develop critical awareness into yourself and your partner that impacts your relationship.

How We Can Help

Half the battle is believing that you can change your relationship. Each partner will need to come into the marriage therapy or couples counseling experience with a level of commitment to reconnect. Instead of looking at their partner, each individual will need to be willing to look at themselves and how they contribute to the current state of the relationship. When that happens, the results can be astonishing. Thus our positive, encouraging therapists incorporate attachment and behavioral techniques in the session to help break down old patterns and introduce new ones at a comfortable pace. Over time you can start to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and moments with your partner instead of surface-level interactions.

Photo of a couple representing Marriage counseling in Houston Tx at unload it therapy with a black woman

Even if you feel disconnected from your partner at this moment, with the help of our experienced and empathetic therapist, it is possible to feel cared for, loved, and understood again. There is still time for you and your spouse to develop new understandings about the relationship and learn new ways to effectively address and heal from the current challenges you are experiencing.

But you May Still Have Questions about Couples Therapy:

Isn’t it Expensive?

Couples therapy is an investment for yourself, your family, and your relationship. By developing a healthy, lasting connection with your partner, you will be able to reduce symptoms of stress that can permeate the entire family. In addition, taking the time to impact your relationship with marriage counseling can help you avoid the negative impact that divorce proceedings can have emotionally and financially.

We are committed to making therapy affordable, so clinicians may offer a sliding scale according to the couple’s income.


How long will it take?

At Unload it Therapy, we take an individualized approach to therapy. So thus, there is not a one size fits all for our marriage counseling sessions. However, we use short-term therapy models that take between 10-20 sessions to complete.


But I think our Problems Are Too Big, What if They are, Or other Problems arise?

Couples counseling can cause more things to be revealed that are below the surface. But you are seeking couples counseling or marriage therapy because you need help to address the issues in your relationship. We provide a caring, empathetic, and confidential environment where you can feel the safety you need to work through issues as they arise.

Your Relationship Still has a chance

If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions you have about couples therapy, we are available! Contact us here, or at 713-396-5063. We try to get back to all voicemails and email within 24-hours Monday-Friday.

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Other Counseling Services

You are more than your relationship.  You are each individual, whole people as well.  As a therapist, I know this and respect you as a person.  Therefore, I offer a wide range of mental health services online and in my Houston counseling office. In addition to couples therapy and marriage counseling, I offer individual therapy that is LGBTQ+ affirming.  For example, premarital counseling, self esteem counseling, individual relationship therapy , help for other relationships (family problems, work struggles, etc) or general mental health support.  Additionally, you may be specifically looking for a black therapist and I may be a great fit.  I offer counseling services both in person in the Galleria area of Houston as well as online therapy in Texas and Georgia. Whatever your unique need is, I’m here to help!

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