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Work with a Black Therapist

Work with a Black Therapist

Perhaps you haven’t always felt seen by the healthcare system.

Being a black woman and a therapist, I have been privileged to work with people of color who may not have felt indeed seen or heard in previous patient-client dynamics. As a black woman, my personal experiences have made me highly aware of the healthcare space’s marginalization of black people, focusing on mental health. Historically, black people in America have been (unknowingly) used for medical studies, similar to lab rats. We still have to deal with a higher death rate in the delivery room, and our mental health is made criminal too often. Only recently, black people in America have begun to be educated in proper healthcare relationships and have a clear understanding of what our rights and responsibilities are as patients.

As a black therapist, I understand the cultural dynamics.

I also understand particular cultural dynamics that have taken place, making talk therapy taboo in the black and brown communities. Phrases like “black people don’t go to therapy, we go to church” or “everything that goes on in this family is not to leave this house” have negatively affected some perspectives of what therapy is and the benefit of it for generations. However, now the tide has shifted for a lot of us. More access to healthcare and education on the importance of mental health has made therapy a viable option for many, especially people in the black community. 

You’re just now realizing you need a black therapist

With all that has taken place this year (2020), including the racial injustices that have (only) recently been highlighted on a larger scale, it has made the importance of having black clinicians more needed than ever before. Here are a few reasons why hiring a black therapist is highly beneficial : 

  • Aware of the biases you may have faced/be having
  • No performing or “switching” necessary to feel understood 
  • Built-in awareness of cultural sensitivity that can positively affect racial misdiagnosing 
  • Ability to feel understood more fully 
  • A higher possibility that your therapist had to cope with and heal the same racial traumas you are dealing with

Ultimately, what matters is that you find a therapist who feels like a good fit.

Being a black woman, I understand that being black in America is not a monolithic experience. Choosing a therapist should be based on the research they have done on the clinician, no matter their race or gender, to ensure a good fit. I often tell my clients that finding a therapist can be a lot like dating and that sometimes you may have to interview a few before finding the one. Although finding a black therapist may be significant to you, and it should be! However, please do not take for granted the importance of being able to grow with your therapist and being open enough to state any concerns about your treatment, should they arise.

Begin Counseling with a Black Therapist in Houston, TX or Online

I understand that sometimes therapy can just feel…easier…when you see a therapist who understands the cultural implications of being black in America.  If you’re specifically looking for a black therapist, I’m here to help.  I offer in person counseling at my Houston counseling office in the Galleria district.  Additionally, I offer mental health services through online therapy in Georgia and Texas.  I’m an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist specializing in couples therapy and premarital counseling.  However, I offer individual therapy (including individual relationship counseling or self esteem counseling) as well.  If you’re looking for a safe, supportive counseling experience, please reach out today!

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